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whEn it ComEs to列句

1.When it comes to politics I know nothing.说到政治,我是一窍不通.2.When it comes to dancing,I'm all thumbs.谈到跳舞,我真是一窍不通.3.Jenny knows what's what when it comes to cooking .谈到烹饪,珍妮是行家.4.When it comes to art,I

when it comes to the world , all people are very amazing.

when it comes to everything造句当涉及到A balanced mind and body makes a big difference when it comes to everything that you doeven the things you don't like. 当我们以一个健康的心态和身体去面对一切问题的时候,甚至是你不喜欢的事情时


When it comes to sports ,Jadic is better than Jack

你好!wether拼错了吧 如有疑问,请追问.

when it comes to something about math,i become a fool.

When it comes to learning a second language,the combination of listening,writing,speaking and reading is of great importance.在学习第二外语时,将听说读写结合起来是十分重耍的.

可以. when it comes to the end of the this movie, i was completely shorted.

when it comes to ……sth./sb.指涉及到、说到……如:when it comes to work, he is useless. 说到工作,他一无是处.

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