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n.1凯旋;胜利,征服;大成功,功绩;胜利[成功]的喜悦,得意洋洋的样子;最好的例子 v.2【罗史】凯旋式 v.1欢庆胜利,得胜而狂欢;得胜,战胜,打败,成功 【古罗马】举行凯旋式


primary triumphs主要胜利双语例句1Whether China's team ultimately triumphs should not be our primary concern.

triumph 英[tramf]美[tramf]n. 巨大成功; 重大成就; 伟大胜利; (巨大成功或胜利的) 心满意足,喜悦,狂喜; (成功的) 典范,楷模;v. 打败; 战胜; 成功;[例句]The championships proved to be a personal triumph for the coach, Dave Donovan事实证明,在这次锦标赛中教练戴夫多诺万取得了非凡的个人成就.[其他] 第三人称单数:triumphs 复数:triumphs 现在分词:triumphing 过去式:triumphed 过去分词:triumphed

the person i admire the most the my brother.he was born in 1982.He does well in all his subjects and he has a good personality too!my brother is also good at singing,he has a lot of friends.He even dined with the famous singer sha baoliang before.

Special Friend Poems "Portrait of a Friend" I can't give solutions to all of life's I can only offer my hand that you may grasp it and not fall. Your joys, triumphs, successes,

hold a record 保持纪录 keep a record保持纪录,记录 set a record创造纪录 你可以下载一个叫有道桌面词典的软件!

应该是 triumphs = 取得了一场伟大的胜利和成就; 征服; 成功; 战胜

life is fragile生命是脆弱的例句1.Life is fragile, we should protect it well.生命是脆弱的,我们应该好好保护它.2.Life is fragile enough as it is.It comes and goes fleetingly as a falling star!生命是相当脆弱的,它像流星一样来去匆匆!3.You have seen that life is fragile and evil is real but courage triumphs.你已经看见生活是脆弱的,邪恶是真实的但是勇气最后战胜了以前.

the living 英[ livi] 美[i lv] 活着的人们 the + 形容词 单独使用 表示 怎么样的一类人 如 the old表示老人 如果后面加名词1. the living room 就是起居室2. the living condition 生活条件

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