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stubborn作为形容词 stubborn用作定语~+ n.The stubborn man refused to apologize.那个倔强的人拒绝道歉.Stubborn stains can be removed using a small amount of detergent.只需使用一点清洁剂就能将顽垢除去.He succeeded because of his

您好 stubborn的意思是固执

stubborn英 ['stbn]美 ['stbn]adj. 顽固的;顽强的;难处理的更多释义>>[网络短语]stubborn 顽固的,固执,顽固的固执的Stubborn Army 顽军stubborn ills 顽疾

形容词 a. 1.倔强的,顽固的;不听话的He is as stubborn as a mule. 他像骡子一般执拗. 2.顽强的,不屈不挠的The defenders put up a stubborn resistance. 防守将士进行了顽强的抵抗. 3.难处理的,难对付的This lock's rather stubborn; it needs

Stubborn = 固执

['stbn] si ta ben

请看两个单词的英文释义:Someone who is bigoted has strong, unreasonable prejudices or opinions and will not change them, even when they are proved to be wrong.Someone who is stubborn or who behaves in a stubborn way is determined to

stubbornness副词: stubbornly 形容词比较级: stubborner形容词最高级: stubbornest 名词: stubbornness stubborn adj. 倔强的、顽固的stubbornness n. 倔强、固执

Stubborn['stabn]adj. 顽固的,倔强的,难对付的

不难理解 stubborn 顽固的 死心眼的 determined 坚决的,坚持的 其实意思差别很大 我给你个例句:A stubborn person will walk home a hundred miles because they refuse to pay the train fare. A determined person will walk home the same distance because they can see a health benefit in the activity 一个死心眼的人会走上里回家因为他不想买火车票,一个有恒心的人走上百里回家回家是因为他可以看到走路对身体所带来的好处

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