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英文原文:robin's play怎么读英式音标:robin's [ple] 美式音标:robin's [ple]


您好,领学网为您解答:八匹马译为:eight horses eight 英式音标: [et] 美式音标:[et] horses 英 ['h:sz] 美 ['h:sz]

英文原文:robin's play 英式音标:robin's [ple] 美式音标:robin's [ple]

罗宾robbin 英['rbn] 美['rbn] [例句]罗宾开了一些香槟.Robin opened some champagne

有点像 豪儿斯

john harrison has what must be the most wanted job in the united states. he's the official taster for edy's grand ice cream, one of the nation's best-selling brands. harrison's taste buds are insured for $1 million. 1 and when he isn't doing that,

robot 核心词汇 英 ['rbt] 美 ['robt] n.机器人;机械呆板的人;自动机;(非洲南部)自动交通信号灯

horse [hs]

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