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英文原文:robin's play 英式音标:robin's [ple] 美式音标:robin's [ple]

Robin's play罗宾的戏剧Robin is in a piay.He is Robinson Crusoe.Here is a letter from him.罗宾在一部戏剧中.他是鲁宾逊克鲁索.这里有一封来自他的信.My name is Robinson.I live on an island. I always get up early every day. I wash my face,

Robin's play 的音标是 ['tbnz ple],谐音为“如奥伯恩资/泼来”,意思是“罗宾的游戏”.注意,名词所有格的 s 要读浊辅音.

英文原文:robin's play怎么读 英式音标:robin's [ple] 美式音标:robin's [ple]

Robin 英[rbin]美[rbn] n.罗宾(男子名) 网络 罗宾; 岩本丰; 知更鸟

意思:知更鸟玩 采纳哦,l love you

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