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The sun was shining and it was warm.Robin,a shepherd,was lying on the grass,enjoying the beautiful sunshine.His guard,a sheepdog,was standing next to him,looking at the flock of sheep.This is only a s

Unit 1 Welcome back to school Unit 1 Lesson 1 Part A Let's talk ; Let's practise Teaching Aims :1. Be able to understand and say: We have a new friend today. I'm from…. Welcome!2. Be able to introduce yourself to others.3. Improve Ss'

robin[英]['rbn][美][rbn]n.知更鸟,鸫; (签名者不分先后,以避免受责的)圆形签名抗议书(或请愿书); 希望能帮到你,满意请采纳

亲爱的Robin我是一凡的美术老师. 我刚搬进一所旧房子.房间很脏. 地板上是铅笔和蜡笔.到处是画和照片. 哦,不!我看见一只老鼠在我的电脑后面.请帮帮我.我住在附近的自然公园. 请赶快!约翰先生

内容很多,这里只能复制一小部分, tape. Learn to say, tape-recorder, and word cards. Teaching-learning process. ⑵T shows the pictures quickly and Ss say the words. ⑶A guessing game.Calendar plan,详细的你到我们网站去下载Unit one:

湘少版小学英语六年级上册全套教案,共40页,这里无法全部复制,你到我们网站去下载吧,百度搜索“飞翔教学资源网”就可以到我们网站 unit one: the children are playing in the park. content of courses: textbook p1-4 workbook p1-4 teaching

Unit 1 How often do you exercise?Grammar: 特殊疑问句:wh-questions: what, who, 是比较级中最常见的标志词,意思是“比”.用于引出比较的对象.1.He draws better

练习题 一、 写出下列单词. 1、邮递员 2、商人 3、警察 4、工人 5、飞行员 6、教练 7、科学家 8、渔民 9、教师 10、歌手 11、作家 12、舞蹈家 13、清洁工 14、记者 二、按要求写单词 1、study(单三) 2、go(单三) 3、do(单三) 4、

if we go to monkey'mountain tomorrow,it will rain.so we shouldn't have a picinc there .we should take our umbrellas.we should walk carefully,and it will be danger to climb the mountain by ourselves.so we should take adults to climb with you .and they will be more safe .and we will have a good time there.

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