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The naughty boy deserved punishment.淘气的男孩应受到惩罚.The naughty boy deserved punishment.淘气的男孩应受到惩罚.


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The boy has broken the window, he deserves the punishment.

一个男孩和他的朋友们在考试中舞弊被抓并受到了学校的惩罚 A boy and his friends fraud was captured and was school punishment in the exam


1) He easily becomes the best student in the class. (他很容易地成了班上最好的学生.)2) They lied to the boy.(他们对男孩说谎.)3) This price is very good .(这是

The boy slipped away, escape the punishment觉得好,就采纳.记得给问豆啊!

toughest drunken-driving punishment, one that will require thousands of first-time offenderswhether dragged the boy to the store. The boy was not breathing. His aunt gave him mouth-to-mouth

spankvt.打的屁股, 拍击, 鞭策前进, 飞跑vi.飞跑n.一巴掌, 出色的人(或东西)spankv.(动词)spanked,spank.ing,spanks v.tr.(及物动词)To slap on the buttocks with a flat object or with the open hand, as for punishment.拍(屁股):用平的物体或摊开的手掌拍打屁股,如为了惩罚v.intr.(不及物动词)To move briskly or spiritedly.轻捷前进:轻快或精神十足地前进n.(名词)A slap on the buttocks.打屁股:一巴掌打在屁股上

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