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oFFEr to Do造句

He offered to give me a hand.他要给我提供帮助

offer to do sth 主动提出做某事 Tom offers to go out for dinner 汤姆主动提出外出吃晚餐

I offered to do my homework yesterday.

I wish you offer me an opportunity to hold you.

offer sb sth 某人提供某物 she offers us plenty of food and water 她向我们提供大量的水和食物

I offered to help the old man

I offer to clean the room.我的回答对你有帮助的话请采纳哦 谢谢 (●''●)

Some schools offer lunch and dinner to students.The teacher offered a chance for student to study better.希望你能采纳,谢谢!

可以这样造句:During this year, many yong men offer to do some voluntary work.在这一年里,许多年轻人主动提出做一些志愿工作.

offer to do sth 主动提出做某事Tom offers to go out for dinner 汤姆主动提出外出吃晚餐

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