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My name is Robinson Crusoe.I was - born -in the -city- of York.When I was quite a boy ,I wanted to become a sailor .I felt unhappy at home. Opportunely - ,when I was eighteen years old ,I started for Hull ,where I met a boy , I saw him in my home


my name is Robinson. 我的名字是鲁滨逊. Robinson英 ['rbnsn] 美 ['rbnsn] n.爱独立工作(生活)的人,独自干大事;鲁滨逊 例句: 'Robinson Crusoe' is one of the most famous books in the world. 《鲁宾逊漂流记》是一本世界名著.


因为之前有一个vine是说“when your crush talk to you”差不多这样的就是问名字 然后就很紧张说"my name is jeff"那个调调就火了

英文 : Hi, everyone! My name is petai and my English name is Christian Louboutin shoes . I'm 15 years old. I'm a student in a very beautiful school called Liangbing Middle School and I am in Class 1 Grade 7. My hometown Beijing also a

newbee 2:1赢了老肥羊后 sccc 公屏打字 my name is MU 算是对大木的致敬吧 毕竟是自己来nb前的冠军中单

Robin's play罗宾的戏剧Robin is in a piay.He is Robinson Crusoe.Here is a letter from him.罗宾在一部戏剧中.他是鲁宾逊克鲁索.这里有一封来自他的信.My name is Robinson.I live on an island. I always get up early every day. I wash my face,

my name is colin我的名字是柯林双语例句1My name is Colin Thompson; I manage the Customer Support team for THQ North America.我的名字是科林汤普森,我管理THQ北美的客户支持团队.


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