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When Jane was a little girl, she liked keeping pets. She had many books about animals and there were many pictures and stamps on the walls of her bedroom. She often said that she would work in a (1)C. zoo when she grew up. Most of Jane's pets

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zoo and girl 动物园和女孩 双语例句1.On the next page the zoo keeper gave Erny back to the girl, and Michener nodded his approval. 后一页中动物园管理员把恩尼还给了那个女孩,对此麦切纳点头表示同意.2.Alexis Hamilton and her then 18-

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None of the ten little girls like to go to the zoo.


翻译:动物园免费动画馆1. PoleStar Arizona - Mobile/Travel Use PoleStar Arizona to enhance your visit to the Phoenix zoo, Reid Park zoo, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum or the Wildlife World zoo and Aquarium, four of Arizona's best zoos. View

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