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[图文] Girls in Japan love the month of March. March the third is Japanese Girls' Day, or people also call it the Doll(洋娃娃) Festival. On this day, girls wear beautiful kimonos (和服). Their parents put lovely

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两部,电影版的,网上不好找了.看看这个地址还能不能用吧! 第二部 http://www.gougou.com/search?search=%62%6f%79%73%20%6c%6f%76%65%20%32&restype=-1&id=10000002 第一部没找到直接下载的,但下面两个里面应该有的~~ http://movie.gougou.com/search?search=%62%6f%79%73%20%6c%6f%76%65&id=10000000 http://bt.sz1001.net/bthtml/1406/60126.html 百度也能搜到、话说,那个我看过,觉得是两个小受在恋爱一样=_=


DBADD分 析:1.D 推理题.根据第二段2 3行at the start of the Memorial Day holiday weekend a time to recall national heroes who sacrificed their lives on the battlefield.说明该Memorial Day是为了

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1.D 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.D 分 析: 1.D 推理题.根据第二段2 3行at the start of the Memorial with the characters and the love story.说明这个评论的人认为这部电影中的人物和角色

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