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in onE s 名词

有in one's + 名词 one's代替的是 物主代词 或名词所有格 意思是 某人的 如 in my bag 在我的包里 in liming's bag 在李明的包里

on one's own adv. 独立地;独自地;主动地 living on one's own can help one to become self-reliant. 靠自己生活可以使人变的自立.


ones是one的复数形式、用来代替同一样以前提到过的东西 one's是“谁的.”(单数) ones'是复数“谁的”

one's是某方面、某人的意思.in one's way是挡道的,妨碍人的,使人不便的,(英)近在咫尺,在场的意思.例句:Also,simplicity in one's way of living.

一般来说是 20s,但也有说美英 20's,英英用20sIn British usage, we do not use an apostrophe in pluralizing dates: This research was carried out in the 1970s. American usage, however, does put an apostrophe here: This research was carried out

one's : 某人的.


on one's `own (a) 独自: I'm all on my own today. 今天我是独自一人. * She liveson her own. 她独自过日子. (b) 独力地; 单独地: He can be left to work on his own. 工作可交给他一个人去做. * Although her father is in the firm she got the job on

in person(亲自)/in a hurry(匆忙)/in the long run(从长远考虑)/in accordance with(符合)/in addition(另外)/in advance

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