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From timE to timE造句

不时, 偶尔, 间或,有时 1. From time to time he fired questions at me. 他不时向我提出许多问题.2. Ships are laid up, from time to time, for repairs. 船只常常因不能使用而需要修理.3. I can see Hieks at the library from time to time. 我在图书馆

We go to the movies from time to time .you should take a chance to find a good job.you should speak English aloud and don't be afraid of making any mistakes.We often take a nap at noon.Watch out! The glass is falling down.You should watch out for the poison animals when travelling in the forest.

what time is it now?

这个词组在句中通常是作状语的,后置.they talked to each other from time to time.

1 we shoud bring some medicine for our trip in case of emergency.2 she takes a trip from time to time.3 using internet is a good thing,but on the other hand, we may spend too much time on it.

from time to time 可以翻译为 不时地,有时,常常等,至于哪个就要看具体语境we chat on the internet now and then, we chat on the internet now and againwe sometimes/often chat on the internet we chat on the internet from time to time on occasion这些都可以哦,你可以根据给你的空格,或者自己的喜好来选,当然,我是喜好写的越少越好的啦O(∩_∩)O~希望对你有帮助哦

for time to time时而来,有时源We chat online from time to time.They write to each other from time to time.加油百!度

最好不要用,因为from time to time有点口语化,可以换用occasionally.

i go to school from monday to friday 我从周一到周五都上学

主语:She谓语动词:was dropping状语:from time to time

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