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Family to Feed 全部释义和例句>>家人来喂 求采纳

Family to Feed家人来喂


父亲是家里的男子汗 有义务和责任

Family ties is another way to say you have family connection in an area. Or your 2nd cousin lives in Floridayou have family ties that live in Florida. Anyone coming or going to live in a new country would want family ties in that country, to be able to


养家糊口 feed the family 例句1、In the old days I never made enough to feed my family.在旧社会,我挣的钱从来不够养家2、feed a family on 20 a week靠每周20英镑养家 -- 3、He worries about how to feed his family.他担心要怎么来养这个家.4、I pity anyone who has to feed a family on such a low income.我同情任何需要以如此微薄的收入养活全家的人.

他要养活一大家人He has a large family to support.support 英[sp:t] 美[sp:rt] vt. 支持; 支撑; 帮助; 维持; n. 支撑; 支持者; [数学] 支集; 支撑物; [例句]The vice president insisted that he supported the hard-working people of New York副总统坚称他支持辛勤工作的纽约人.[其他] 第三人称单数:supports 现在分词:supporting 过去式:supported过去分词:supported

选择A.feed a big family喂养一个大家庭,raise抚育,keep保持.

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