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1. 处女,未婚女子2. (大写)圣母玛利亚[the S]3. 【天】(大写)处女座;处女宫a.[Z]1. 处女的,贞洁的[B]2. 纯洁的,未玷污的There were no footmarks on the virgin snow.洁白的雪上没有脚印.3. 未开发的;未经利用的There are vast expanses

汪 wāng〈形〉(1) (形声.从水,王声.本义:深广的样子)(2) 同本义如:汪波(盈盈水波);汪汪(水宽广的样子);汪(水深的样子);汪流(水深的样子);汪然(深广的样子);汪茫(气势广大的样子;广阔无边的样子);汪翔

CHASING THE SUN网络追逐太阳双语例句 1We are chasing the sun. 我们追赶太阳.2Determined to pursue greater natural expanses and the origins of life, at age24 Yayanagi embarked on a two year journey through the Mediterranean, Brazil, finally chasing the sun to Africa. 为了追寻更广阔的自然及生命的起源,矢柳氏于廿四岁那年开始了为期两年的旅程.他周游地中海、巴西,更为著艳阳到过非洲.

I fly over African villages and vast expanses of snow without feeling heat or cold.我飞越在非洲的村庄和广阔的雪原之上,感觉不到一点热或冷.

huge是尺寸或容量的巨大 a huge wave巨浪 enormous 着重指体积庞大,常指硕大无比,令人咋舌的事物.多用来形容形体、数量和程度,有时含有严重、紧急的意思.vast 着重空间、面积、范围的巨大,不涉及重量 ,用作比喻时指阅历广、花费大等.colossal指大得让人望而生畏has a colossal nerve大胆.

汪 基本字义1. 深广:~洋大海. 2. 液体聚集在一个地方:地上~着水.~~(a.眼里充满眼泪的样子;b.象声词,形容狗叫声). 3. 量词,用于液体:一~水. 4. 姓.详细字义 〈形〉1. (形声.从水,王声.本义:深广的样子) 2. 同本义 [vast] 汪

A good impression results from a combination of factors which includes your manner of dress, your body language, and your attitude. They say that the interviewer decides if (s)he likes you in the first 5 seconds. Read on to see how to make the best

body of culture文化主体双语例句1Occasionally, she discusses the points where her translation differs fromearlier ones, and I found her digressions into language and culture just asinteresting as the main body of the book.偶尔,她论述她的翻译与

By Brent Hurd由布伦特赫德Many governments are promoting above and underground transit systems to fight increasing congestion.许多国家的政府正在促进以上和地下交通系统对抗日益拥堵.Urban trains are appearing even in the wide

Why heat travel faster than cold?为什么热气比冷气传播快?答:Hot air expanses,cold air shrinks热胀冷缩.

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