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1.spreading pollution or contamination; especially radioactive contamination.散布污染或者污染物;特别是放射性污染.2.a supply or stock held in reserve especially for future

i like eating fruits,especially

1These policies will affect non-whites especially. 这些政策对非白种人的影响特别大.2I bought the book especially for you. 这本书是我特意为你买的.3The rising sun is especially beautiful to look at from this angle. 旭日从这个角度看起来特别美.4I know, but I like canned fruit, especially canned pineapple. 我知道,但我喜欢罐装水果,尤其是罐装凤梨.

你好!So especially.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.


especially: 特别,尤其.

尤其;特别;专门;非常发音:/spe()li/用法:一般不用在主句开头,但可以用在从句开头.especially英[speli]美[spli, sp-]adv. 尤其地; 主要地,格外地; 显著地; 异常地;[网络] 特别是; 特别; 格外;[例句]The lunch was excellent, especially the first course.午餐很棒,尤其是第一道菜.

extremely十分,过分地 naturally 自然地basically 基本地especially 特别地

For example, I should try to improve my English ,especially my spoken English ,in order that I can introduce Beijing to the foreigners better.(这里的especially my spoken English 是用来修饰English的.in order是“按顺序”的意思.但这里是表示学

He has a new information. I came here especially to ask you question. We talkethe news has a important informa

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