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word --词, environment -- 英文词 环境的 意思.例句: What does the word environment refer to? “环境”这个词指的是什么?The word Environment is derived from the French word “Environ” which means “surrounding”. “环境”这个词来源于法文词 Environ,它的意思指环绕着的四周.如果 拼写 是 world 那么意思是世界.例如 Tuesday June 5, 2018 is World Environment Day.2018年6月5日星期二 是 “世界环境日”.


Protecting the environment,everyone,s duty保护环境,人人有责

through the external environment通过外部环境.如有疑问,请追问!

什么意思 英文是Please protect environment


however sharp social contradictions, extended to the mountaintop waterside, how to escape. A in the attempt to change the dark reality and the exiles still must face the reality of political science, live in great extremity, his sadness cannot dispel.

净化 purification 循环 recycle 节能 energy saving 绿色环境 green house无污染 not polluted 新科技 advanced technology wastebin 垃圾桶 plastic 塑料制品 environment

Protect the environment Nowadays, the environment in China is getting worse and worse. The water is polluted, and air pollution and become a very serious problem. Many people even wear masks when they go outside. How can we help save the

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