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Dont ForgEt to造句

Don't forget to turn off the light when you leave the room.

Don't forget to water the flowers不要忘记浇花

i forgot to lock the door. i forgot locking the door.

I forget to do my homework.我忘记做我的作业了.He forget to reading English.他忘记了读英语.Pat forget to bring her umbrella,帕特忘记了把她的伞带来.[如果错了请原谅啊!]



They say love is just a gamethey say time can heal the painsometimes you win, sometimes you loseand i guess its just a fooli keep holding on to youi told you once you were the oneyou know that i die for youoh i will hurts to see you gooh this time you

don't forget to close the window when you leave home你离开房间时,请别忘了关窗户!

Don't forget to water plants. 谢谢接纳

Dont forget to do sth,表示忘记将要做什么事情,动词TO不定式带有将来的含义,而Dont forget doing sth则表示忘记做了某事,是相对过去而言.

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