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A girl doesn't walk hei dog. Is a girl waiking her dog?yes,she is.

狗,狗,您能做什么? 我在您以后的canrun. 熊猫, panada,您能做什么? 我可以非常吃banboo. 老鼠,老鼠,您能做什么? 我可以在鞋子掩藏. 麦克,麦克,您能做什么? 我可以画animais在动物园里!

i went to zoo in the morning we like to play in the park would you like to have a cake? do you like this cat? dog is honest

a a或者the a

[图文] Keep the zoo clean! Do not touch, give food or go near to the animals. 71.Why does the writer to promote his latest big-budget movie, Avatar. During his 20-hour stay in the city, he shared with local

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Supergirl and Superdog are flying (above) the park. They (hear) a noise. They see some boys on an (island). They (save) the boys. The boys (say) thank you to Supergirl and Superdog. Both of them are very (happy).


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