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DEvotE 短语搭配

devote to

dedicate1 为某一特殊用途而奉献:dedicated their money to scientific research.把他们的钱用于科学研究2 致力:承诺一特定的想法或承诺采用一特定的行动:dedicated ourselves to starting our own business.See Synonyms at devote 我们开始经

1.be devoted to sth./doing sth.致力于某事、 做某事. devote one's time/life/energy to贡献某人的时间生命能力做某事2.可以做形容词devoted 如: a devoted worker,敬业的工人 a devoted husband对妻子忠诚的丈夫.

devote to 把献给; 把专用于 devote oneself to 致力于, 献身于; 专心于and to spare(=enough and to spare) 多余, 很多 if one is spared 要是不死的话 not spare oneself 不宽恕自已, 严格要求自已, 不疲塌 spare oneself 怕吃苦; 偷懒; 不努力

是devote to doing,to是介词,必须要加sth,所以doing就是动名词


devote sth/yourself to sth 专心致志于 She devoted herself entirely to writing. 她全心投入写作.

devote 动词、奉献;把…奉献(给),把…专用(于)He decided to devote the rest of his life to scientific investigation他决定将自己的余生献给科学研究事业.可以用无私的奉献搭配

1:To reach his goal,he devotes everything he has.2:Nurses devote themselves to the care of the sick.3:she is devoted to her children.4:I suggest finishing our job as soon as possible.

1.devote to sth2.devote to doing sth 一.devote vt.1.专心致力于, 献(身), 贡献2.供奉, 供献3.投身于4.【常用短语】1)devote 指 “决心将全部身心、活动、精力等献出”, 如: 2)devote one's life to a cause 把生命献给事业.5.【习惯用语】1

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