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sign that we are really mature. Children are parents' hopes and we are carrying both our dreams and 65 __ . The happiness of building. 小题3:根据短文内容完成句子填空(每空限填一个单词). It's to

Mature:adj:成熟的,酿熟的/成年人的/稳重的,慎重的,周到的 vi:变成熟,长成,酿成/(票据等)到期 vt:使成熟.

栝楼- fructus trichosanthis 银杏- gingkgo, gingko 板栗- Chinese chestnut 金沙泉- 紫砂壶- 笋茶- 白虾- 银鱼- whitebait 大闸蟹- hairy crab,mitten crab 鲚鱼- anchovy 银杏长廊- 金钉子- 没写的,不清楚……

I will choose between 22 ~ 25 years old, because this age is not old, but also be young, but the idea can say mature or immature, and this age has some little work experience. At this age, in either area can be time.

mature意为成熟的,它可指人或物在发育方面的成熟 You will learn what to expect as your child matures physically ripe意为(水果,蔬菜等)成熟的;时机熟的 Peaches are ripe in this season


有没有人知道“distance learning”中文叫什么?答案: 函授(或以下)distance learning

Mature [m

这个系统题出的真是令人无语 我来翻译一下,这句话的意思是,度娘喜欢把她的私处到处展示


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