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Home is a warm noun, because it means a place full filled with love and support. Home is not just a place where we live in, but a place where families support each other and show their love to others. When we have something happy, we first want to

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Because the character represents their love for the child.

To be couple, Seems you are not so qualified, But to be a lover, You are the best one. 做夫妻 你不够格 但是做情人 你是最好的人选 Lay my love on you, I would spend 3 months to lock all the memory between us, And lay you in the bottom of my heart. Wish your life be full with happiness 献上我的爱 我愿用三个月的时间锁住所有你我之间的记忆 把你放在我心底 希望你的生活充满快乐.

give 中国新婚夫妇在新年时会给孩子和未结婚的人红包

i love chinese model 全部释义和例句>>我爱中国模特model 英[mdl] 美[m:dl] n. 模型; 模式; 模特儿; 典型; vt. 做模特儿; vt. 模仿; 制作模型,塑造; 将…做成模型; [例句]Darwin eventually put forward a model of biological evolution.达尔文最终提出了生物进化的模型.[其他] 第三人称单数:models 复数:models 现在分词:modelling过去式:modelled 过去分词:modelled


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