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be unique to表示“对来说是特殊的,独特的” 例如: 1、A string should be unique to that article. 字符串应为文章所独有的. 2、Other environment variables might be unique to an application. 其他的环境变量可能专门针对某个应用程序. be

unique是唯一To be unique 可以理解为别出心裁

Wu Yi is unique to us WUfan,

其实没必要一字一字翻译啦.直接翻译成:To be unique. 就可以了unique:是指世界无双的、独一无二的做一个世人无法替代的人 其实也就是做独一无二的自己.个人觉得简洁明了而且地道.


be unique in terms of 在方面独具特色

is unique to a person quite freedom是独一无二的一个人自由is unique to a person quite freedom是独一无二的一个人自由

you are unique.(你是独一无二的,无深层意思,如果是你对于我来说是独一无二的就这样说:you are unique to me) 你永远是独一无二的:you are and will forever be unique (to me). 望采纳.

I want to be unique to you. (我想做你独一无二的人)也就表达了“我想做你的唯一,而不是之一”这层意思了.

Do the requirements have to be scheduled to the same task?需求是否必须被制定到同一个任务中?Moody didn't know what to do, especially since he was scheduled to be away that weekend.慕迪不知道该怎麽办,因为他已经安排好了那个周末要出差到外州去.

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