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automobiles[英][':tmbi:lz][美][':tmbi:lz]n.汽车( automobile的名词复数 ); 例句:1.He highlighted the steel and automobiles sectors as examples. 他着重指出了钢铁和汽车行业的例子.2.That's true if you concentrate only on housing, electronics and automobiles. 这种观点的确是对的,如果你只考虑房子、电器以及车子的话.

Nowadays more and more families own automobiles.As the product of modern civilization, have been playing a vital role in people's daily activities. First, automobiles are a convenient. You can go wherever you like. Secondly, there is no doubt that

automobile[英][:tmbi:l] [美][tmobil, -mobil] n.<美>汽车 v.开汽车,坐汽车 复数:automobiles;


automobiles基本翻译n. 汽车,发动器(automobile复数);关于汽车网络释义Automobiles:汽车|车辆清单|两汽车Integrated Automobiles:汽车整车制造automobiles container:汽车装运框架

n. 汽车 v. 开汽车,坐汽车 名词复数:automobiles [例句]Twelve countries have acted to help their automobile industries.已经有12个国家采取行动保护各自汽车行业.

你好!“the benefits of automobiles” 的意思是“汽车的好处”希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

AutomobilesTalking about automobiles, which are more importantits advantages or disadvantages? There is a general controvert nowadays as to the issue, some people claim that there are various advantages of automobiles. They believe that


therefore; 因此;所以 一般引导句子 It is raining,therefore,we can't play football outside 1. Your information is inaccurate and your conclusion is therefore wrong. 你的信息不准确,所以你的结论是错误的. 2. We have a growing population and

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