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An accident cause this situation. 一个意外导致这个情况发生 He left the scene of the accident. 他离开了那个案发现场

The bad weather is to blame for the traffic accident.We can draw a conclusion from the fact that he is the most suitable person for the postOnly after my brother came was the

happened to him

accident有保护;投保等意思,那么你知道accident的用法吗?下面跟着学习啦小编一起来学习一下,希望对大家的学习有所帮助! accident的用法: accident的用法1:accident的基本含义是“意外遭遇”,即缺乏主观动机的不测事件,多用于

Cars got tail-gated due to following too close on the highway. 公路上车子跟得太近导致追尾. Fog condition causes accidents. 大雾引起交通事故 请采纳

a traffic accident yesterday when i was walking along the street, i saw an old lady in front of me. she wanted to cross the street. all of a sudden, a bicycle ran against her at a high speed. the old woman fell to the ground. the cyclist was very frightened

Yesterday afternoon, the second street corner in downtown road accident, the truck collided with a motorcycle, causing casualties, cause of the accident was caused by truck drivers drinking and drivin

so many car accident happened lately, and the major cause of thoes accident were drive with drunk. If you wanna be safty, be sure DO NOT ever drive when you are drunk!

A traffic accident took place one day.A car and a truck crashed into each other.Two drivers didn't stop when the traffic light turned red.They were injured and were sent to hospital at once.A lot of people gathered and watched.Then a policeman came

A Traffic AccidentYesterday morning at about 7, at the corner of Chang'an Avenue and Congqing South Street, a horrible traffic accident happened. According to witness, a jeep driven by the MSS ran through a red light and boarded sided with a

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