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答案Dthat is相当于:that is to say:也就是说.

my mother,a chinese old lady,is very happy 我的母亲,一位中国老太太,非常高兴.重点词汇释义 mother母亲,妈妈; 女修道院院长; 大娘; 像母亲般地照顾; 养育; 溺爱 chinese中文; 汉语; 华人; 中国人; 中国的; 中文的; 中国人的; 中国话的 old lady老太太; 老妇人,母亲 very happy痛快;一蹦三跳



Is it Necessary for Two-child Policy?China is a great country with the largest unimaginable heavy.Their child and his wife have to take care of two old couples.Usually,a young

Xiao Qiang, a 12-year-old Chinese boy, has too many activities. His father takes him away from school 肖强,一个12岁的中国男孩,有太多的活动.他的父亲带他离开学校 four afternoons a week and drives him across town to practice. "I do most

二孩政策英文 universal two-child policy - 二孩用英文怎么说 10 月 29 日,中共中央委员会正式发布了有关“全面二孩”政策的公告,将进一步 放松已经施行了 30 多年的计划生育政策 (family planning policy) . 报告指出,“全面二孩政策 (

小题1:C小题2:C小题3:D小题4:C小题5:D 试题分析:芳芳,一个15岁的中国女孩,非常喜欢吃零食.她喜欢奶油饼干,麦当劳食品,肯德基和北京烤鸭.有时候她一天吃两包饼干.因此,她变得超重.今天在中国,有很多孩子们喜欢芳芳.他

Ancient China参看口语解析《文化篇》提到的

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