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4:00 pastoral miscellaneous Xing For soil paste rain moving reminder frequency, grass million, with thousands of flowers to open a part of the day. After the plot shortage of homes still show green, n

Man is like a fruit tree Once, while taking my boat down the inland waterway to Florida, I decided to tie up at Georgetown, South Carolina, for the night and visit with an old friend. As we approached

I can not even afford myself

My name is XXX, and I am 12 years old. I am graduated from the 5th elementary school in Dongcheng district.I like play badminton very much,and i often read book in the weekend.

目标是花园城市,让天再蓝些,让水再清些The goal is garden city,Let sky even more bluer,Let water even more clearer

SN - Serial Number 顺序号;Shipping Note 装运说明书,装运单;Switch Network 开关网络,交换网络ADK-【医】[=adenosine kinase]腺苷激酶FM-Frequency Modulation 调频

So here we're again我们来到了终点and you're thinking that you've won你认为你赢了And I still can't recognize你竟变成这样的人the person that you've become我都认不出来了Will you look and see你会看得见wha

Listen a heart song quietly in see hold together.一起在视屏里静静的聆听心曲.In see its are active action while,also cannot ignore the negative effect that its exist.在看到其积

Today we will go to the cinema for the movie xxx.今天我们要去电影院看XX电影

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