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我也不只到,不知道这文章对你有没有用,真不好意思,作文和你题目不符合 My favourite Festival There are a lot of holidays for chinese people, such as National day, May Day, etc. However, chinese people look on spring festival as their most

nowdays many people noticed the change of teenagers yes so do i you know now more and more teenagers used to study on computer,so as a result more and more people are care about student's habit of using computer the another is teenagers have master more techological than their parents surffering on internet and so on

My hobbies are watching movies and swimming. Movies can lead me to everywhere all around word, which can widen my horizon. It also can help me with understanding others' live. With the help of movies,

Recreational activities harmful to a good or bad, how do we college students First of all to pay attention to learning, the study and do a good job, and this is our basic work. Secondly, due to the relaxation of entertainment, learning to maintain

Entertainment is good or bad As we know, each thing has both positive and negative. Of course, the entertainment is no exception.First of all, the appropriate recreational activities, enabling physical and mental relaxation, beneficial to the brain,

92年的初二水平么那么大概应该是60字吧写惯了几百字的作文来写几十字的还真是有点..76字英语作文奉上(说实在的,从句好像用得太多了不太像初二的水平了) I Love Watching Cartoons Cartoon is my favorite thing. Every day

entertainment people need relax in the competitive force society. there are many entertainments for people to relax. i like riding bikes the most among all the entertainments. i like riding bikes in the morning at weekends. i can breathe the fresh air

纯原创,纯手打,娱乐活动就以音乐 music为主题吧!From my person perspective, we need have fun in our free time ! We need relax and laugh louder after long-time work or study .And I think listen to music would be a great choice! We can

they burst into cheers or shed tears for the performance of “their” teams; they discard their cares and concerns into idyllic scenes and sceneries, it has favorable and unfavorable aspects, directors frequently resort to violence. Now and then in TV

Recreations are an important part of people's life. For example, after hours of attentive study, students will feel like having a game to relax their nerves. Workers may find it very satisfying to sit in front of a TV set when they come back from a day'

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