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用CompArE to造句

You`ll be compared to a gaint when you devote yourself to country.(当你无保留的为祖国贡献时,你就可以被比作一个巨人!) Children shouldn`t be compared with adults.(孩子不应该拿来和大人一起比较) 前者compare to用作比作为后者compare with比较

compared yourself with the poor children, you are so lucky.

你好,Poets have compared sleep to death. 诗人把睡眠比作死亡.

Compare with football,I like basketball.意思是 跟足球比起来 我喜欢篮球

Compare Dalian to Beijing , the weather is good

If you compare her work to his,you'll find hers is much better. 要是把他俩的工作比较一下,就会发现她的好得多.

在高考中compare to 比拟, 比作 、compare with (可)与相比;在考研中无任何差别 compare with与相比Compared with other musicians, i like Beethoven better.与其它音乐家相比, 我更喜欢贝多芬.compare to把比作Many people like to compare girls to roses. 许多人喜欢把女孩比作玫瑰.

compare me with him是对的.compare 是动词,后面跟人称代词宾格作宾语,with 是介词,后面也要跟宾格.祝你开心.

1、she compares the chairman mao to the sun 她把毛主席比作太阳2、she compares the chairman mao with the sun 她把毛主席和太阳做比较

Compare with apartment hunting,my research work is a cinch.跟找房子相比,我的研究工作真算不上什么.Teacher takes Shelley to compare with Keats mutually.教师拿Shelley与Keats相比较.Compare with those who is suffering,we are better off.跟那些受苦的人相比,我们过得很好了.

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