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be famous at:是的名手,擅长于,对驾轻就熟=be expert in/at doing 例句:He is famous at fencing 他精于剑术.

be famous of 没有看到过.be famous with 或be famous for 一样,都是因而出名.譬如说,这个老人因他的大胡子而出名.This old man is famous with/for his beard.be famous as 作为而出名,He is famous as a action actor. 他作为一个武打明星而出名.be famouse to=be popular to 在的人群中著名.

be famous as 作为……是出名的 He is famous as a writer.作为一个作家他是有名气的.Jin yong is famous as a writer. 金庸是著名的作家. Xi'an is famous as the oldest city in China. 西安是著名的中国最古老的城市.You might not be as famous

您的问题很简单.呵呵.百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题.原句:be famous as 翻译:作为…而出名dubai, which would prefer to be famous as a playground for the rich, has lately become a center of international intrigue.迪拜希望变成举世闻名的富人游乐场,最近,它却成了跨国暗杀中心.you might not be as famous as you think you are.也许,你不像自己想象中的那么有名. 百度知道永远给您最专业的英语翻译.

be famous to 后一般跟 人,表“对是熟悉的”“为所熟知的 Yao Ming is famous to most young people. The passage was famous to the students.

be famous for :是以..而著名的意思,如:Gui Lin is famous for its beautiful sights.(桂林以它美丽的风景而著名.) 当主语是表示人的名词时,be famous for表示“以某种知识、技能、作品或特征而出名 当主语是地点名词时,be famous for

famous著名的;be famous for以.而出名;be famous as作为.而出名 lu xun is a famous writer.(鲁迅是一个著名的作家.) hawaii is famous for its natural beauty.(夏威夷以它美丽的自然风景而出名.) zhang yimou is famous as a director.(作为一个导演张艺谋是很出名的.)

Hainan is famous at home and abroad for its beautiful scenery.海南以它的美景闻名国内外.满意请及时采纳,谢谢

He is famous to the people all over the world.他被全世界的人所熟知.to 后面加对象 选我吧,谢谢

China is famous for the Great Wall.(中国因万里长城而文明于世.)

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