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1 places of interest (名胜古迹 )2. plan to make a new friend (结交朋友的计划)3. have interest in collecting information(具有收集信息的兴趣/爱好)4. complete the construction of the building(完成大楼的建设)5. mountain chains (1:牛肚

Never be upset, just believe that you will make it,and she will accept me gradually

make three sentences about each of the pictures above 根据以上每幅图片写三个句子~


是上帝派我来给你希望的.work out有 努力做好;刻骨完成;创立(理论);详细拟定(计划等);算出(总数);解决;开采完(矿山等);做工偿还(债务)的意思.

只要我们已经在这个地球上,我们已经使用了我们,我们会从海洋里,海洋,值的不吃鱼从ocean-millions熨的公斤的鱼,每一年,喂成千上万的人,并且把minerals.such盐、铁等on.other礼物,从海是珍珠,seaweed.pearls成为许多Kinds-even jewelry.seaweed成为食品的糖果、冰cream.believe与否,淡水是另一个礼物来自大海.

How are you doing recently?I would like to call you "brother" rather than "honey", and I simply hope the current relation between us will last forever.I feel very comfortable to be your sister. Given this, we can still dine together or have a chat from

她的父母负担不起她的学费 Her parents can't afford her tuition fees


Dear Li Fang: Hello! Recently all may be good? I already received your incoming letter, knew you face now the question, actually, lets the words which I considered, I think or take exams for postgraduate schools. Why? You looked that now the

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