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i am going to read my books they are going to have the picnic he is going to be a teacher she is going to be a dancer everything is going to be ok

I will go to cinema tomorrow with my father. 我明天将和我父亲去看电影. Li Hong will go to have a picnic with her classmates. 李红将和他的同学去野餐. You will receive a letter from your old friend. 你将会收到老朋友的来信. The sports meeting will be

1.i will go home.2.i am going shopping tomorrow.3.i will stay at home.4.i will go to a movie.5.she will have a wonderful vacation.6.i'm going to school.7.where are you going this weekend?8what are you going to do?9.i will do something for you.10.i will stay at school this night.

Will you be at home at seven this evening? What are you going to do tomorrow? He is going to leave for Beijing tomorrow. I'll eat some fish for lunch. Are you going shopping with your sister this afternoon? She can't join us now,she has to look after her little brother.She'll come here tomorrow morning.

一般将来时表示将来某一时刻的动作或状态,或将来某一段时间内经常的动作或状态.常常和表示将来的时间状语连用.如:tomorrow(明天), next week(下周 );in the future(将来)等. 一般将来时由助动词shall(第一人称),will(第


I am going toclean my room tomorrow.You are going to have a good time there.He is going to buy a new CD next week.They are going to do the work tomorrow.同学,will跟be going to一样的.will还不用人称.

1. Tomorrow will be Sunday. 2. We're going to meet outside the school gate. 3.If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we will go out for a picnic. 4. Uncle Wang is coming. 5.The rain will stop soon.

You are wanted on the phone .有你的电话.(一般现在时) The railway was built in 1998.这条铁路建于1998 年.(一般过去时) A new railway is being built in this city.这个城市正在修建一条新的铁路.(现在进

一般现在时:They usually go to school by bike过去式:Last summer, I went to summer camp.将来时: He will go shopping tomorrow.希望能帮到你

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