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I decided to went on a trip with some friends last winter holiday. After we discussed for a week, we decided to went to Tokyo. When we finally arrive, the weather is incredible cold and the clothes we wore are not warm enough. So we decided to

既然前提是作文,选择出行是为放松,如果是陆游,那么我个人觉得选择火车比较好. 一、火车比班车较于静,颠簸度也较低,有利于思考; 二、火车比班车或飞机资费较低,对于学生,这种资费也较于合理. 但是,既然是放松,选择海游也是不错的选择.而海游唯一的出行工具就是船了… 望采纳.

now it's very convenient for people to travel around .you can go by plane ,car ,train ,ship and so on .my favourite travelling method is train .because it's very safe and comfortable .you can eat and sleep during the train travelling .the most important

展开全部1 去纽约 There really is no place like New York City. As Concierge.com says, it has "diversity, energy, and attitude -- available 24 hours a day." You'll never be bored here. This is an international fashion capital with the hottest dining

Taking plane is the best, as it is fast even though it might cost you much more money but time is more precious than money. Taking car is the slowest, taking train is better than taking car, as train travel faster than car. On the plane, you get to eat as


Train Travel Air Travel Air travel has two advantages over train travel. First, it can save much time.We can fly from Beijing to Guangzhou jusi in two hours, but by train, we have to spend 24 hours or more. Second, air travel is more comfortable,

最好的旅游方式(The Best Way of Traveling) People travel by plane, by train, by ship, by bus. To me, the best way of traveling on a summer vacation is to go on foot. My preference depends on the purpose of the travel. On a summer vacation I

A trip to Hainan I went on a trip to Hainan today with my family .We went there by plane. After we got off the plane, we went to the beach to see the beautiful sand and swim there. There were other people there too. Some people were surfing and

There are many ways of traveling such as by plane, by train, by ship, by bus.And people can choose any of ways of traveling if they like.To me, the best way of traveling on a summer vacation is to go on foot. My preference depends on the purpose of

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