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将 翻译为 英语短语

The two of us/we two people beyond share There are some aspects of by the way

1两张纸 Two piece of paper 2整理床铺 Neaten bed 3儿童医院 Children hospital 4修飞机 Repairing airplan 5向窗外看 Look out the windown 6回家度假 Taking a holiday at home 7have fun doing sth 乐意做某事 8get ready for 准备(去做某事

Good morning. Nice to meet you.my name is daming .come from China. I am 12 years old.This is my friend . His surname is Smith, Tom is his name.He 12 years old.He come from American. I have many books.This is my English book, It is

1、in the united states introductions are usually rather simpe. 在美国,介绍通常都很简单 有语病,其实应该为 in the united states introductions are usually rather simper. 2、in japan,greetings are usually rather formal. 在日本,问候通常都很正式.

There are many sources Jack-O-Lantern saying, here introduces a kind of. Jack-O-Lantern originated from the ancient irish. Legend has it that a man by the name of JACK, is a drunkard and love practical joke. One day JACK deceived the devil

我不是一个人 one 作不定代词 意思是 一个人

Fear at the otherIN PLIGHTScreamed for helpFireCommand they don't play with fireWarned us not to play gamesI'm just thinking aloud On a foggy morningLate for schoolall fled网上借鉴

We got much fun in the holiday

1, look like: 2, double room 3, rent sth. to sb. 4 mail/post letters 5 park a car 6.hear sb. doing sth. 7, call sb. for help 8 call sb. at get a letter from 还可以说成 hear from 希望我的答案能让你满意

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