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Miss小姐Miss yang is a teacher.I miss you very much.想念He missed the bus this morning.错过

应该是IF YOU WANNA KNOW HOW MUCH I MISS YOU 全文是 if you wanna know how much i miss you, try to catch the rain drops, the ones u catch is how much u miss me,and the ones u miss is how much I miss you

miss结尾的单词较少,只有remiss和dismiss,mission结尾的单词较多.1.remiss 英[rms] 美[rms] adj. 玩忽职守的,马虎; adv. 玩忽职守地; n. 玩忽职守,马虎; [例句] I would be remiss if I did not do something about it.如果我对此不

Miss women so miss because miss missed woman because the woman so miss miss you missed the woman

I always missed you,so I always missed you ,so I always missed you,so I miss you so much 我总想念你 所以我总逃避你 所以我总错过你 所以我如此思念你

聪哥,忘了吧? 我来答、 if you wanna know how much I miss you,you can catch the raindrops,the one you catch is how much you miss me , the ones you miss is how much I miss you. OK. 聪哥,给分吧

You miss the final love

我错过了公共汽车I miss you.我想你了. I missed the bus

I miss you.我想你了.I missed the bus.我错过了公共汽车.

but i miss you finallybut i miss you finallytry to remember all this youwe share the laughter share the tears..(yeah..)thought that forever it would beI realize you lied to meI still hold on still dreamof days when we were oneyou played with my heart you

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