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跟 BACk 相关的短语

come back 回来 go/reture back 返回

call back come back backbiting backboard back-breaking backcloth back country backdate backdrop background back-to-back back-up 够不够呀

return; bring; talk; go; look

back away 退回,后退 On seeing the dog, she backed away. 一见到狗,她就往回走!


1、break up 【释义】打碎,破碎;结束;解散;衰落 【例句】 Break up the chocolate and melt it.把巧克力弄碎,使其融e799bee5baa6e79fa5e9819331333366303136化.2、break from 【释义】v. 决裂 【例句】 I'll never go back, and I'm

look at 看.look down on轻视某人 .look up 敬仰.look around 环顾四周.look after照看 .look back 回顾.look on as 把…看做.look out小心 .look over检查 .look through 仔细地检查.look over 检阅.look forward to 期待,look into sth调查.

有关bring 的短语bring about (v.+adv.)bring against (v.+prep.)bring along (v.+adv.)bring around〔round〕 (v.+adv.)bring away (v.+adv.)bring back (v.+adv.)bring before (v.+prep.)bring down (v.+adv.)bring forth (v.+adv.)bring forward (v.+adv.)bring

get across使理解get changed改变get in touch with 取得联系get into trouble陷入麻烦 get down 下去降落记下get off 离去脱掉get out of逃避 get in收割get ready for做准备get through通过完成打通电话 get used to/ get accustomed to习惯于get over克服get together收集聚集get hold of抓住获得

go to school 去上学go shoppig 购物go about 从事go abroad 出国go after 追逐,追求go against 违反go ahead 前进,继续go ahead with 继续进行go all out 全力以赴,尽力而为go along with 赞同,一起去go and see 去看看go around 走来走去,传播go away 离开go back 回去go back on 背信弃义go back to 追溯到go bad 变坏go beyond 超出

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