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First impression is the event where one person first encounter another person and forms a mental image about him or her. First impression is something hard to change, if you give some one a bad first impression, believe me, they will stick on the

下面或许对楼主有点帮助,楼主可以借鉴点,可能不能完全对上你的要求,但是可以借鉴下.Rules for Making a Good ImpressionAmong the seven suggestions: Respond to e-mails within 24 hours. And don't use business cards as cues to

我对的第一印象 My first impression of sth is

你好!第一印象十分重要The first impression is very important

First impression is of great significance to us nowadays especially when we are applicants of a job interview. If all the candidates show equal intelligence and capability on conducting, It is quite essencial to establish a fine first impression

My First Impression in high school When i first met high school,it gave me a strange feeling.I was not delightful at the beginning as i was unfamiliar with the Environment.And the new Classmates all looked awful,the teacher's utterance made me

My First Impression in College On the very first day in college, I was surprised to find the campus was so large. Believe it or not, I even lost my way to the dormitory when I returned from the dining hall. At first, I had difficulty adapting myself to college

You have a liking for kindly are kind, said from the first impression,I thought you can be a good teacher.不知道行不行,我也是问了几个班里的同学.希望可以帮到你.

how to build up a good first impression?

my 特指这个第一印象属于“我”,the是定冠词,是特指,但没有指明是谁产生的第一印象.

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