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产品说明书中的 注意事项 note in the product specification 产品说明书中的 注意事项 note in the product specification

产品说明书 原英文说明书 Highgrade Super Glue Supplier: 公司名称不便打出来,Basic info Type: Liquid Glue Brand Name: Best glue Model Number: BG-1200 Material: Cyanoacrylate adhesive Other name: 502,super glue Packing: Customized

Wireless cuckoo clock Instructions: 1. Turning the miniute hand of host clock parts to 12:30, then remove the back cover of the host clock and insert the “D” and “6F22” batteries into the compartment2. Remove the back cover of deputy clock

Guide ticket slot removable convenient cleaning Exclusive program control Quickly and accurately the ticket Set clear card ticket faster reverse buttons Built-in brake stop for votes Integrated ticket vote for a switch to adjust percentage points. One

user manual就是这么两个词.产品使用说明书,也就是用户手册.

产品使用说明书1. manufacturer's instructionProduct Manual

产品说明书 product descritption PD?

Note matter: 1、When the power switch is light, it is working status, when the switch is not light, it is not working status. This product uses the power seat with power seat fuse, fuse rated current is 2.0A. 2、The product cycle medium is clear water,

Universal testing machine, electronic Rally test machine, the pendulum impact test machine, plastic pipe hot water circulation system testing machine, pipe drop hammer impact testing machine


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